Atmospheric autumn at
1.600 metres above sea level

Autumn holidays in Carinthia

Between bathing lake and summit bliss

In autumn, nature lays itself to rest, the Hochrindl region with its huts, hiking trails and viewpoints will become more tranquil and also the big lakes will still attract you with sunny hours and bathing temperatures. Carinthia offers a large variety of activities in autumn, between lakes and mountains, between tranquillity in nature and social events.

Long hiking season

Thanks to the mild climate of Carinthia

The hiker’s heart will rejoice: The sunny state of Carinthia will still perfect for a hiking holiday even in autumn. In autumn it will become quieter in the Hochrindl hiking area and overpopulated paths are a thing of the past. Start right from your mountain chalet and hike through changing nature while watching the forests in golden sunlight. With a little bit of luck you can spot mountain inhabitants, chamois, marmots or even an eagle. Satisfied by all these impressions in the Nock Mountains you will finally reach a hut where you can feast on the most delicious Carinthian specialities with a view of the mountains from the terrace. This is how a day in your hiking holidays in autumnal Carinthia will find its peak.

The colours of autumn

The sunny autumn

Carinthia presents itself in a variety of ways

Thanks to the southern influence and the location, Austria’s south boasts many days with nice temperatures even in autumn. In late summer, Carinthia’s lakes will still invite you to enjoy some bathing days in mild climate. But also a bike tour through the valley or wonderful excursion destinations will excite you. Visit Klagenfurt or Villach, enjoy a ride on panoramic roads such as the Nockalm road, explore historical castles and fortresses or take a trip to Slovenia or Italy. Autumn is also the season of many local customs. The traditional custom of driving down the cattle from the alpine pastures and harvest festivals will let you experience Carinthia’s origins, and also in culinary terms you can only taste the best from Carinthia at these regional events.

Let the day wind down with wellness & food

Get a delicious wine from the village store, enjoy the last sunrays on your panoramic balcony or retreat to the cuddly sofa with a book. Spa lovers can feel the water in the heated infinity pool, enjoy a massage or heat up their private sauna. Then you enjoy a home-cooked dinner in your luxury mountain chalet or let yourself be pampered with Carinthian specialties in the surrounding mountain restaurants. Our motto on the Hochrindl: Everything is possible, nothing must be done. Your holidays in your own mountain chalet will become as individual as you are!

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Heavenly quiet